What Helps Your Wheels Turn at Different Rates?

The amount of power or torque your car generates will obviously always be the same to the main drive shaft. After all, you would need separate motors in each wheel in order to achieve different amounts of torque. However, your car’s tires need to have different amounts of power delivered to them depending on which direction the vehicle is turning and how fast and severe the turn is. This is where your car’s differential system comes in, and it is one the many parts of a vehicle our fantastic service team here at Premier Ford is able to service.

As your car generates, the RPM’s from acceleration these are transferred down to your main drive train system. When traveling perfectly straight, this is distributed evenly to all four wheels. When a vehicle turns, however, it is necessary to transfer different amounts of power to different wheels, otherwise handling would be poor and the tires would skip across the concrete. This is achieved by your cars differential system, which is essentially a series of different drive shafts that engage different gears when in use.

Your differential system requires regular inspection and service, including differential fluid which needs regular changing. Visually inspecting a differential system is very difficult, so stop in for a visit at 5001 Glenwood Road today, and we can help you out with this important maintenance.

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