Your Brake Fluid Is Responsible For Stopping Your Vehicle

Everyone knows what their brakes are, but many drivers do not actually understand how they work or that they are powered by a fluid that needs to be kept at a particular level. It is very important to keep the right amount in the reservoir, but it is equally important to know what it is that you need to put in there.

Your brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that is similar to but different than oil. It resides in a reservoir under the hood of your vehicle and when the brake pedal is depressed the master cylinder pushes the fluid through the rubber hoses on the system to your calipers. This transfer of force into pressure causes the calipers to compress and makes your brake pads squeeze the rotors to slow your vehicle to a stop.

If you have any other questions about brake fluid or your braking system in general, then feel free to ask one of our experts here at Premier Ford to find out more.

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