Capability Features in the Ford EcoSport

The new Ford EcoSport is a vehicle that's designed to be efficient and capable, no matter where you go. The beloved compact SUV has advanced performance features that enhance fuel efficiency and give you peace of mind on the road. Our team here at Premier Ford Lincoln is proud to show off what the EcoSport can do.

One great feature of the EcoSport is Auto Start-Stop. Designed to prevent unnecessary fuel waste, this feature will turn your engine off when you're idling. It can prove to be useful in congested traffic and when you're waiting on a stoplight. The engine will turn off automatically to conserve fuel. When you hit the accelerator pedal, it will turn on again seamlessly.

The Hill Start Assist system is convenient for inclines. When you're stopped on an incline, the feature will automatically hold your brakes. This helps to prevent rollback when you move your foot to the gas pedal.



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