Ford EcoSport: Prioritizing Driver Control and Economy

SUVs have a reputation for guzzling gas, but there are some that actually help conserve energy. Consider the Ford EcoSport, which offers capability features that promote fuel economy and better road handling.

EcoSport gives you more control when you opt for the available SES with sport-tuned suspension. You get less body roll, impressive handling in curves and a better feel for the road. This feature helps you feel more in control, which is what you also get with the Auto Start-Stop Technology feature. When you come to a stop, this feature automatically shuts off the engine. Take your foot off the brake to start moving again, the engine restarts. This helps conserve fuel and reduce vehicle emissions, especially when you're driving in the city.

You can experience a drive around Brooklyn in an EcoSport right away. Just visit Premier Ford Lincoln to take a test drive.


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