The Ford EcoSport Has Hardware That Conserves Energy

The Ford EcoSport is equipped with hardware that strategically manages fuel consumption. If you don't want to waste fuel on crowded roads in Brooklyn, this automobile has technology that can help.

When this vehicle stops in traffic, Auto Start-Stop can be activated. This technology is practical because it strategically reduces fuel consumption that's caused by excessive emissions. Because Auto Start-Stop shuts off the engine whenever the Ford EcoSport rests in one spot on the road, the hardware can dramatically lower gasoline costs throughout extensive road trips in heavy, slow traffic.

Auto Start-Stop is included with all Ford EcoSport vehicles that are sold at Premier Ford Lincoln. Whenever you need to conserve energy in a traffic jam after you purchase and drive this automobile, you can activate Auto Start-Stop by pressing a button on the center console in the cabin. You can also take advantage of other included features on the road while saving gas, such as Hill Start-Stop Assist and the Cargo Management System.



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