Prepare For Distractions With the Ford Escape's Technology Features

"Are we there yet?" It's such a common refrain from kids in the car that it's become synonymous with family road trips. But fidgety children aren't just frustrating; they're also distracting. These distractions can cause drivers to lose focus, potentially causing an accident. But the popular crossover, the Ford Escape, has features that can help keep the kids entertained and the driver aware of potential accidents.

With the available FordPass Connect, you get a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to 10 devices. With this feature, the kids can chat with their friends online, play games, watch movies, and more without running up your data bill.

And even if the kids distract you, the Ford Escape has some backup plans. With the lane-keeping system, if you begin to drift outside of the lane lines on the road, the vehicle will alert you. It will also adjust the wheel if you don't respond.



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