The Ford Flex Has Some Design Features That You Should Really Look At

With so many vehicles on the road today looking alike, the Ford Flex offers some innovative design features that will make people take notice. These are what make it such a popular midsize SUV with three rows. The interior alone is quite special, but the exterior is what really sets it apart.

You will find the configuration of the second and third rows to be to your liking. You can rearrange them to accommodate just the right mix of people and cargo. After all, that is what makes an SUV so practical. It is also comfortable to drive.

The ambient lighting throughout the interior is a special touch as well. Even the cupholders in the front of the vehicle are lit up. At night, you can choose the colors to suit your mood. Change it as often as you would like. Premier Ford Lincoln would like to invite you for a visit and to test drive the Ford Flex.


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