Do you demand a lot of your vehicle? We at Premier Ford Lincoln think the Ford Super Duty is up to the task. This popular heavy-duty pickup is engineered for maximum toughness, so it stands up to even the most challenging jobs.

The Super Duty's durability stems from its high-strength frame. Made from military-grade aluminum alloy, it's both lightweight and incredibly tough. The fully-boxed design is super stiff, so it doesn't flex under a heavy load. Plus, since it tends to resist dents, it looks great even after regular use on the job.

How do we know that the Super Duty is rugged enough for heavy applications? It's been tested. In fact, Ford's engineers put this truck through more than 20 million miles of testing, ensuring that it can withstand extreme conditions and heavy loads. Discover more by coming to test-drive this truck at our Brooklyn dealership.


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