For those who want to go everywhere in their truck, the Ford Ranger makes an exciting choice. That's because the Ranger offers some amazing off-road packages to enhance any adventure. Here's a look at some of the top packages available.

The Popular FX Off-Road Package

The available FX Off-Road Package gives you everything that you need in order to conquer the most challenging terrain. This package comes with specially designed all-terrain tires, steel skid plates, Trail Control, and the Terrain Management System™.

The Sought After FX2 Package

?When you want to cover some serious ground just about anywhere, then you have to see what the FX2 package has to offer. With the FX2 package, you get a choice of 17-inch Off-Road OWL or 18-inch Off-Road OWL tires. Also, the FX Off-Road package gives you a top off-road suspension system. This is the package that adventure seekers will want to check out.


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